Client 9: Ashley Dupre sets the record straight

In today’s New York Post, former escort Ashley Dupre clears up a few misunderstandings.

Why did she choose not to appear in Alex Gibney’s “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitze r”?  There are two sides to this story and her explanation is one a lot of sex workers will identify with.

Those of you who followed the “prostitutes of God” video scandal will appreciate Ashley’s resilience and her refusal to cooperate.

As for the movie, PONY member Melissa Ditmore criticized this “visually beautiful film” when it opened, for “attempting to vindicate” the former New York governor with an image overhaul.  (Read her Guardian column here) Another PONY member Tracy Quan compared Spitzer’s support for gay rights with his lack of support for ordinary New Yorkers who buy and sell sex.  (Tracy also polled the readers of about his black socks.)

Melissa Broudo of the Urban Justice Center reviewed “Client 9” for Feministing, describing Spitzer as yet another “tough-on-crime” politician who doesn’t deserve liberal support.

Cineaste writer Robert Sklar took note of  deceptively “tight close-ups” that shave off the former governor’s chin and brow in a brisk online review. And Natalie McLennan, who appears in “Client 9,”  told the Montreal Gazette how she felt after watching the finished product at the Toronto filmfest in September.



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