Petition: The 2010 petition to support Lyon sex workers

Why are we circulating this petition to support the Lyon prostitutes?

Read about the issues here. The deadline for receiving signed petitions is October 15, 2010.

For sex workers, as for all human beings, the ability to walk freely in public areas and communicate with other people  is essential.  If we choose to be hidden, this is fine.

But when prostitutes hide or move from an area because they are being threatened, assaulted,  harassed or otherwise bullied, we object. This kind of repression opens the door to other problems:  harassment of women by the police, attacks on gay people, racial bullying, and a disrespect for civil liberties. It creates an atmosphere in which people can be  told where to walk or live based on appearance and perceived identity.

The prostitutes in Lyon are being pushed around by the local police and they want your support. You can download a PDF of the petition from the links below, print and collect signatures.

Contact to find out what the procedure is for sending back your petition. They have indicated to PONY that hard copies are ideal, BUT a PDF of your signed petition will also be very welcome.





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  1. O'Leo
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 01:40:43

    good work


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